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Software Solutions for Reflective Memory

Reflective Memory allows networked computer systems to share data. If one computer writes into the memory, that data becomes visible almost instantaneously in all other computers. Reflective memory is commonly used for data acquisition and control system applications, automation, telecommunications, test/measurement, defense and distributed computing.

Software Reflective Memory provides this service using standard networking components, so that no additional hardware is required. Computers can be connected on a local network, across the Internet, or via 802.11 wireless.

Amirus Mirror Memory for Windows

bullet Connect up to 32 computers using standard network hardware
bullet Configure up to 64Mbytes of system memory for mirroring.
bullet Data rates > 30Mbits/second with Pentium® 4 processors
bullet Fault-tolerant design assures network-wide memory consistency
bullet Automatic memory synchronization as new computers connect
bullet Integrates with any hardware Reflective Memory system
bullet Comprehensive set of management, diagnostic, and test utilities.
bullet Installs in minutes, "Ready to Run".
bullet Simplified MATLAB® and Visual Basic .NET® interfaces.
bullet Entry level 512Kbyte license available.
bullet No risk, "Try before you buy" software.

Bored with Boards? Use Amirus Mirror Memory as a substitute for hardware reflective memory when flexibility and cost are overriding concerns. No additional cables to run, and no hardware to install -- Amirus uses any network which supports UDP.

Expanding an existing system? Amirus integrates seamlessly with any brand of hardware reflective memory. Simply configure a node as a gateway, and data passes in both directions efficiently. Preserve your existing software investment as you run applications anywhere you can run a network cable. 

Distributed Application Development? Use Amirus to simplify integration of distributed applications. Our high-throughput, low-latency design, together with system-wide locking and diagnostic utilities, allows you to develop distributed applications as simply as applications running on a single node.

Wireless applications? AmirusMM runs quite happily on wireless networks. Now you can port hardware reflective memory applications into the flexible wireless world.

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Feb 18 2005: Maintenance version 1.4.40 released

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"Thanks for an excellent solution that is so easy to use." - Ms. Choy, corporate customer, Singapore.

Download AmirusMM -- our software alternative to expensive reflective memory hardware -- for a free 30 day trial!

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